Learn to Style Any Home Like a Pro


Become a Certified Home Stylist 


We've created a comprehensive home styling course that can teach anyone how to break into the interior design industry and style any home like a professional.


Learn to Style Any Home Like a Pro


Become a Certified Home Stylist 


We've created a comprehensive home styling course that can teach anyone how to break into the interior design industry and style any home like a professional.


Finally Break Into the World of Interior Design

All the practical tools you need to start your journey in interior design. No experience needed!

I'm Brett Nicole Seidl, an award-winning interior designer and multi-million dollar design firm owner. Too many people with a natural design eye don't know what to do with that ability, or they feel paralyzed. The next steps are muddy or overwhelming. My course on home styling will introduce you to the world of interior design and demystify the industry for you. You'll also gain confidence, credibility, and insider design industry knowledge to style any home (including your own). And you'll even learn how to turn your passion into a well-paying career... just like I did.

Your interior design dream is within reach!


What does this course do for you?


As a Certified Home Stylist, not only do you know what kind of training you've received, but others will recognize it as well. All Certified Home Stylists must pass their final exam, which means your title and designation carries weight. You'll also receive a website badge showcasing your certification as a home stylist, and then be able to use the title, "Certified Home Stylist."



You are able to speak with authority on styling topics, utilizing design industry-specific vernacular. We've crafted our program to not only give you styling training, but also expose you to insider industry knowledge, terms, and secrets. That garners respect, not just amongst clients, but also industry professionals.


The Home Styling Certification course is packed full of practical insights, tips, and tricks to get you styling RIGHT NOW! Brett doesn't just show you recycled, rinse-and-repeat steps, but rather inspires you to use what she's learned over a 10-year career to develop your own style. The course isn't a formula, it's a frontier. And you are the explorer.


You are not on this journey alone. Not only do you have a mentor in Brett Nicole Seidl, but you're also joining a thriving and vibrant community of other like-minded stylists looking to better themselves just like you. Your course comes with an automatic entrance into our private Home Styling Community Facebook page, where you an ask questions, share thoughts, and get inspired. It's an invaluable part of partnering with us to follow your passion.


Home Styling Course Overview

(All lessons and videos available on-demand, no logging in at a certain time!)


We get it. You can't just drop everything to watch 30+ online course videos (no matter how beautiful they are). That's exactly why we designed this program using the best online learning platform available. You get to decide when and where to take the course. Start, stop, rewind, it's all in your hands and can be modified to fit your busy schedule. And you'll also retain access to the depth of information and experience for as long as you'd like. We've eliminated the roadblocks  to investing in your future. No life events, vacations, kids' soccer games, or previous commitments can get in your way!

7 Modules

  • Defining the Terms
  • Selling Your Services
  • Guidelines for Styling
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Use of Color and Paint
  • Purchasing Product
  • Client Presentations

30+ Videos

  • How¬†to buy and profit from product
  • Purchasing wholesale vs. retail
  • Shipping product
  • Rug types and rooms to use them in
  • How to select paint colors
  • Types and purposes of styling product
  • Achieving visual balance through accessories
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Plus More!


  • We've packed the course full of engaging and practical downloads and diagrams!¬†
  • You'll get cheat sheets on essential topics like paint colors, supply chain, and even how to build your business (if you'd like).
  • Plus, every participant gets a beautifully designed study guide that you can refer back to over and over.


  • By completing the course and passing¬†the final exam you'll receive a unique¬†certificate designating you¬†as a Certified Home Stylist (CHS).

  • In fact, you'll gain membership into our premier home styling community, including access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and gain inspiration.

  • Passing members also receive¬†an exclusive website badge to display their certification to the world and gain instance credibility.


Brett and her work have been featured in...

Start Your Interior Design Journey TODAY!




Everything to Get You Started and Certified

  • Full Home Styling Certification Course
  • 7 modules and over 30 premium videos
  • Certificate¬†declaring your entry into the world of home styling
  • Premium study guide
  • Downloadable course PDFs
  • Access to private FB group to ask questions and get inspired
  • Certified Home Stylist (CHS) website badge
  • The coveted title of "Certified Home Stylist"



For Those Who Want the Most Value (Most Popular)

  • Everything in the starter tier
  • Framed and mailed Home Styling Certificate
  • Enhanced audio delivered via a private podcast feed, making listening on the go even easier!
  • Brett's personal list of preferred vendors, by category, to take away one of the most stressful aspects of home styling
  • Special access to bonus insider videos



Exclusive Access for Those Who Want Personal Attention

  • Everything in the starter and premium tiers
  • Private call with Brett Nicole Seidl and her husband, Jon, chief marketing officer and branding expert, to answer all your questions, get personal advice, and unlock exclusive industry tips and tricks
  • Business branding checklist to turbocharge your home styling¬†journey

Looking for an entry-level option? 

We offer a Home Styling Mini Course perfect for those who just want the styling aspects and nothing more. Or maybe those who are still trying to figure out what they want to do and where they want to go. It includes the three main styling modules from the course, and it's perfect for those who are eager to get key styling insights NOW!

Mini Course


Entry-Level Access

  • Three¬†(3) modules all focused on home styling
  • 17 incredible styling lessons all delivered via high-quality video
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Practical styling advice
  • Downloads
  • Tips and tricks
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Want some free paint colors?

"What paint color should I use?" That's the most common question I get. Paint is the single, most cost-effective way to make a big impact. So I'm giving away my favorite go-to paint colors for FREE! 

This is exactly the kind of practical advice and resources you'll find in the course. And I want you to have it right now!

"I'm loving the course so much! I feel like this is the perfect place for me to start on my new journey as a home stylist ‚ÄĒ you are so relatable and so genuine ‚ÄĒ I love the workbook so I can take notes and highlight! I was feeling so stuck because I didn't know where to start and now I feel SO energized!! THANK YOU!!!
‚ÄĒ Suzanne

Empowering you to invest in your future.

So, you have that natural ‚Äúdesign eye‚ÄĚ but you don't know what to do with it. That‚Äôs exactly how it was for me over 10¬†years ago. And it's why I built this program... because it wasn't easy for me, but I want it to be easy for you.

I went from new mom with raw styling talent, to a multi-million dollar interior design firm owner. And now I want to empower you to break into the interior design industry and follow your passion!

This 7-module home styling course (with over 30 videos) will introduce you to the world of interior design, teaching you how to style, where to find the best product,¬†and giving¬†you insider tips and tricks that you won't find anywhere else. It will also give you the confidence to style any home ‚ÄĒ whether yours or someone else's.

We'll conquer any apprehension you have, especially if you're just starting out. You'll grasp product buying, styling inspiration, and even learn insider industry secrets.

And if you want to take it even further, our library includes access to lessons on how to turn it into a business!

Whether you're a new mom or an empty-nester, this course teaches you what you need to break into the design industry and start styling.

So let's get started on your journey! And let's have fun doing it together. 

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